Minutes September 2023

Asselby Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday 7th September 2023 at 7.30 pm

Present: Cllrs R. Pickersgill (Chair), D. Walker, T. Smith, , M. Clarke and P. Adams (Clerk).

1. Apologies for Absence A. Machii

2. To confirm minutes of the held on 22nd June 2023 and were signed off.

3. Declaration of an interest by any members. None arising

3. Matters Arising

a. APCA were to be invited to the next meeting (DW)

b. Discussion around speed awareness group was carried over due to AM not being present.

c. RP reported on completion of dog fouling signs.

d.DW reported on progress for first aid and defibrillator training. Ongoing (DW)

e. Training for councillors was offered. MC to undergo training with Howden TC.

f, Remembrance day plans were discussed with a rough plan of activities. RP to get leaflets printed and arrange distribution by SH. RP to arrange bugler.

g. Knedlington crossroads ongoing

h. Christmas tree to be reserved for installation 1st December (TS)

4. Accounts a. HSBC – current financial statement discussed with a balance of £5392.27

5. Planning matters a. na

6. Any Other Business

a. Co-option of new councillor discussed

b. Discussion around DH proposals for Knedlington crossroads

7. The meeting ended at 9-06 pm Date of the next meeting:

9th November 2023, Black Swan, Asselby