Minutes 29/09/2021



Minutes of Asselby Parish Council Meeting held at the Black Swan, Asselby

on Wednesday 29th September 2021 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT:- Messrs. R. Pickersgill (Chairman), M. Clarke, Mrs. D. Mumby and Mrs. S. Hunt Also, Mrs. S. Oates (Clerk) and Mrs. C. Taylor (Newly appointed Clerk).

                    Apologies from Mr. P. Burnley.


1. The minutes of the last meeting were signed as correct.

2. There were no declarations of interest made by a member on any of the following issues.

3. Matters Arising

a. After a successful interview Mrs. Caroline Taylor will take up the post of Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to the parish council from 1st October 2021. A Contract of Employment/Job Description was signed at the meeting. The members thanked and welcomed Mrs. Taylor to her new post.

b. Defibrillator – Checked 23/09/2021 – no further action required.

c. Bench junction of Blacksmiths Lane/Main Street – Noted bench has been stained green.

d. ERYC Renaming – Notification that lane at west end of Asselby is to be named West Fields Lane and residents have been informed.

e. Container – The container owned by the parish council has been sold (see Accounts) and money raised will be used for the benefit of the parish residents.

f. HSBC/Nat West – Enquiries had been made regarding changing the bank account from HSBC to NatWest. It had been noted the application should be made

by a person who will be a signatory of the account. (Mrs. Caroline Taylor to arrange).


4. Accounts

a. HMRC – Vat Claim made 21/09/2021. £169.75.

b. S.A. Oates – Phone/Internet Expenses to 30/09/2021 Paid Online 28/09/2021 £20.00.

c. HSBC – Bank Statement to 21/09/2021. Container payment £1000.00 paid 21/09/2021 Balance at Bank £8720.72.


5. Planning Matters

a. Certificate of Lawfulness for change of use of agricultural unit and land to builders yard for storage of tools, machinery and spoil –

Land North of The Gables. 20/02797/CLE.


6. Correspondence

a. Newbald Parish Council – Reply Sent.

b. Traffic Management ERYC – Request made by resident for a traffic calming survey to be carried. Parish Council made formal request 21/09/2021.

c. ERNLLCA – Training Survey – completed.

Other items as Agenda – no further action.


7. Any Other Business

a. Remembrance Service – Agreed by all to hold Service at the Roll of Honour. £90.00 to be donated to Royal British Legion in respect of wreaths and

crosses for Service. Members to meet to discuss format of Service. (Donation: Section 137).

b. Declarations of Acceptance of Office signed by Mr. M. Clarke and Mrs. D. Mumby. Contact phone numbers and emails updated for Mrs. C. Taylor.


The meeting was declared closed at 9.00pm.


Date of next meeting to be arranged.