Minutes 29/05/2018


Minutes of Asselby Parish Council meeting held at the Black Swan, Asselby on

Tuesday 29th May 2018 at 7.40pm.

PRESENT:- Messrs. T. Fawcett, J. Oates, A. Walker, N. Marwood, R. Pickersgill and P. Burnley. CC C. Bayram.

1. There were no apologies for absence and the minutes of the last meeting were taken as read and signed correct.

2. There were no declarations of interest by a member on any of the following issues.


a. Annual Open Meeting - No residents attended.

b. Village Taskforce Walkabout 22/05/2018 - J. Oates, S. Oates and R. Pickersgill met with the ERYC Parish and Area Liaison Team Leader Jim McGivern at 9.45am. A walk around the villages of Asselby and Knedlington took place and various items were noted. Jim McGivern informed those present that Japanese Knotweed is growing in the hamlet of Knedlington and requested the name of the landowner which was duly given to him. The ERYC will be contacting the landowner as immediate action needs to be taken. It had also been noted that the week prior to the meeting ERYC Highway Maintenance workers had mistakenly cut several of the newly planted hawthorn saplings on the approach into Asselby. It was agreed to wait and see what regrows. Jim McGivern then went on to Boothferry and met with A. Walker were further issues were noted. A full report of issues raised at the meeting will be sent from ERYC detailing work that will be carried out. Jim McGivern was thanked.

c. Defibrillator – Checked 04/05/2018 – No further action required.

d. Hoops for Bin Bags – Problem with order which included hi-viz jackets. Order Cancelled.

e. ERNLLCA – Authorisation Consent Form completed by Clerk to contact ERNLLCA for advice. Also, notification that parish councils will not now have to appoint a Data Protection Officers to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation.


a. ERNLLCA – Membership Fee. £265.92 paid by cheque 10/04/2018.

b. HJBC – 2018/19 Precept £386.70 paid by cheque 10/04/2018.

c. Zurich Municipal – Insurance £299.24 paid by cheque 14/04/2018.

d. Year End Accounts – The Internal Audit was completed and a balance of £3858 will be carried over into the financial year commencing 01/04/2018. (i) The Certificate of Exemption was signed by the Chairman and the Responsible Financial Officer. (ii) The Annual Governance Statement approved by members and signed by the Chairman and Clerk. (iii) The Accounting Statement was signed by the Chairman and the Responsible Financial Officer.

e. HSBC – Bank Statement to 21/05/2018. Balance at bank £8242.63

f. ERYC – Notification of precept paid into account 27/04/2018. £4950.00.

g. HMRC – Notification of changes to VAT126 Claim/New Reference Number.


a. Erection of two storey, single storey, porch extensions and external alteations following partial demolition of dwelling at Ashgrove Farm, Main Street, Asselby for Mr. & Mrs. Deeley. 18/01148. Agreed to fully support the proposal.

b. Change of use of existing barn to stables and land to equestrian use and construction of an outdoor equestrian menege/arena (for private use only) at Phoenix Farm, Asselby for Mrs. S. Ireland. 18/00553. Permission Granted.

c. Construction of pitched roof to replace flat roof to rear at Studio Cottage, Asselby for Mr. S. Robertshaw. 18/00771. Permission Granted. (Received after agenda went out to members).

d. National Association of Local Councils – Survey forwarded from Barrowden Parish Council (Leicester).


a. Howden Joint Burial Committee – Notice of meeting held 25/04/2018.

b. All other correspondence – No further action.


a. Christmas tree – Offer for tree for Christmas received. Agreed that a site visit should take place and permission should be sought from the new landlord/lady.

b. Christmas tree Lights – A. Walker to make further enquiries.

c. Bench/Asselby – It had been noted that the bench in Knedlington was damaged and after discussion it was resolved that two new benches would be purchased – one each for Knedlington and Asselby. A. Walker.

d. The Clerk informed those present that meetings may have to change due to an increase in people using the Black Swan. Agreed to discuss with the landlord/lady.

e. Hedge – Landing Lane easterly in Asselby - Agreed that the state of the hedge will be monitored and the Agents for the owners of the hedge should be contacted when needed.

f. R. Pickersgill informed the members he had attended a Town and Parish Council Liaison Meeting at Beverley and the ERYC would be putting out a new Framework for Village Plans in July which he felt would be beneficial to the parish.

The next meeting was arranged for Tuesday 7th August 2018.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm.