Minutes 15/09/2020


Minutes of Asselby Parish Council meeting held at the Black Swan, Asselby

on Tuesday 15th September 2020 at 7.30pm.

(National Association of Local Councils and National Guidelines regarding social distancing and the holding of meetings observed).

PRESENT:- Messrs. R. Pickersgill (Chair), P. Burnley, M. Clarke and Mrs. S. Hunt and Mrs. D. Mumby.

1. There were no absences and the minutes of the last meeting were signed as correct.

2. There were no declarations of interest by a member on any of the following issues.


a. Defibrillator – Checked and forms completed.

b. Stencils – Thanks expressed to P. Burnley regarding the painting of Dog Fouling stencils.

c. Brick Structure, Knedlington – Zurich Insurance confirmed they would settle the claim for the rebuilding of the Brick Structure. They agreed the sum of £1050.00 net with the parish council paying £100 excess. Kerbline Groundworks were contacted and the work was carried out. (Agreed by all present to query the excess charge).

d. Post Box, West End of Asselby – Request from Royal Mail to ask the resident to paint the box a colour other than red: display a notice that the box is not Royal Mail and for private use only. (Agreed by the members the parish council had no authority to do the above. Royal Mail informed it was their responsibility and they have forwarded the information to their legal team).

e. SBA-PKF Littlejohn – Confirmation of Exempt Status for 2020 Audit.

f. Email forwarded from R. Pickersgill re Traffic Management and Road Safety – Agreed by all present to monitor the situation regarding the parking of vehicles on highway/footway before further action is taken.

g. Screetons – Overgrown hedge obscuring road signs on approach to Knedlington Crossroads. Information passed to ERYC Streetscene Enforcement Officer as requests to clear one of the signs ignored.

h. Benches – Agreed by all present that the Clerk should obtain quotes for the renovation work which is required on the benches. P. Burnley mentioned damage to bench at Boothferry. (Enquiries to be made).


a. S. A. Oates – Clerks phone/internet expenses to 31/07/2019. £40.00 paid online 30/07/2020.

b. Tesco – Inkjets/Print Paper purchased by Visa Card £39.35 on 29/07/2020.

c. Kerbline – Works to replace damaged Brick Structure at Knedlington £1150.00 paid by cheque 17/08/2020.

d. Co-op, Howden – Stamps paid by Visa Card £7.80 on 26/08/2020.

e. HMRC – Vat Claim made for £156.34 on 25/08/2020.

f. HSBC – Statements to 21/08/2020. Balance at bank £3411.09.


a. Alteration to south (front) boundary to infill existing pedestrian gateway with feature wall and to create a pedestrian gateway to the south-east corner of the boundary wall, creation of pedestrian gateway in garden north boundary wall, reinstatement of gate pier and repair of existing gate pier at fold yard entranced and external alterations to fold yard entrance including replacement roof at Knedlington Old Hall, Knedlington for Mr. P. Thomas. 20/01165/20 Planning Permission and 20/01166/20 Listed Building Consent. Permissions granted.

b. ERYC – Map detailing Planning Enforcement Officers and areas.

c. Change of Use of land from Hauliers yard to residential garden at land northwest of West End Farm, Asselby for the following:- (i) D. Harling. 20/01963 - Permission granted.

(ii) M. Shaw. 20/02023 – Permission granted. (iii). T & A Goldsmith Stacey 20/02029 – Permission granted.

Planning Matters continued…..

d. The following two applications were received after the Agenda went out and referred to a query raised by the parish council – See 7/Any Other Business item A. Agreed by all present to discuss the proposals at this meeting so any further action can be taken.

(i) Certificate of Lawfulness for change of use to garden land, land north of Old Fold Yard, Asselby for B. Dimmack. 20/02793 – after discussion it was agreed to send comments. (ii) Certificate of Lawfulness for change of use of agricultural unit and land to Builders yard for storage of tools, machinery and spoil, land north of The Gables, Asselby for Dimmack Brothers. 20/02797. Following concerns from resident’s discussion took place and it was agreed to send comments.


a. ERNLLCA – Communities Framework and Devolution White Paper. ERYC – White Paper.

b. NALC – General Updates.

c. Humberside Police – Newsletters.

d. ERNLLCA – HR Support and Advice. Newsletters.

e. ERYC – Code of Conduct Training. Standards Committee Meeting. Planning Update. Anti-Social Behaviour Community Survey. Community Response Hub. Town & Parish Council Charter.

f. Clerks & Councils Direct.


a. Concerns raised by residents regarding the storage of building equipment and plant and construction of new structure rear of Old Fold Yard, Asselby – Notified by ERYC that Certificate of Lawful Use applications would have to be applied for. Also, that construction work which is at present taking place should cease until CLE’s have been determined.

b. Additional parking created at Anvil Barn, Blacksmiths Lane, Asselby – query raised by resident – awaiting response from ERYC Enforcement Officer.

c. Remembrance Day Service – Agreed by all it would be inadvisable to hold a Service this year and to await national guidelines. Respects will be paid and wreaths laid.

d. Smoke – Little Airmyn – R. Pickersgill informed those present of concerns that had been raised to him regarding smoke from Little Airmyn over to Asselby. The Clerk informed those present that the issue had been reported in the local newspaper a few weeks ago and after enquiries were made the Environment Agency had stated there was no issue.

e. Future dates for meetings – Agreed by all members to hold the next meeting in early December as this is when requests for Precepts from the Howden Joint Burial Committee and ERYC were received – the exact date will be arranged later.

f. Knedlington Crossroads – The Clerk mentioned a road traffic incident involving three vehicles on 12/09/2020 at around 1.30pm at Knedlington Crossroads. It had been noted that the Hull Daily Mail had referred to the crossroads as a ‘notorious accident blackspot’. It was agreed to contact the ERYC Highways and ask them to relook at the situation regarding safety issues at the Crossroads bearing in mind recent incidents in May and September, also the many minor incidents that go unreported and increase in the volume of traffic due to residential building at north Howden. g. Landing Lane, Asselby - Potholes to be reported to Highways. The next meeting will be arranged at a later date. The meeting closed at 9.15 pm.


The next meeting will be arranged at a later date and the meeting closed at 9.15pm.


Agreed as a true record 16/09/2021