13th April 2023

Minutes of Asselby Parish Council meeting held at the Black Swan, Asselby on Thursday 13th April 2023

Present: R. Pickersgill, T. Smith, D. Walker and P. Adams (clerk).

Minutes of last meeting were signed off

No declarations of interest

1.Matters arising

DW to invite Community Association to next meeting.

RP/DW to investigate first aid and defibrillator training.

AM to investigate setting up a speed watch group.

2. Accounts

a. PA gave financial statement regarding current account holdings (4788.27)

PA gave update on successful bid for Coronation funding (£500)

3. Planning Matters




Any other business.

Council agreed to hold weekly meetings to ensure planning for Coronation event. Discussions were held around financing and costs incurred.

Meeting ended at 8-20 pm