Meeting 8th February 2022

Asselby Parish Council


Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at Howden Shire Hall on Tuesday 8th February 2022 at 7.30 pm


Present : Cllrs R. Pickersgill (Chair), S. Hunt, M. Clarke also C.Taylor (Clerk).

17. Apologise for absence

Cllr D. Mumby and P. Burnley.

18. To confirm minutes of the held on 30th November 2021

The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

19. To receive declarations of interest

None received.

20. Ongoing Issues

  a. Defibrillator - Checked and updated on The Circuit. (National Defibrillator Network).

  b. Taskforce Walkabout Survey – R Pickersgill to complete.

  c. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Clerk to ask for comments.

  d. To consider appointment of Internal Auditor – Cllrs agree to use Campbell and Stenton Accountants.

  e. To review and agree to/not to adopt ERYC Code of Conduct – Adopted.

21. Financial Matters

  a. To agree Precept 2022/23 - After discussion it was agreed by all to precept ERYC the sum of £5,500. Form completed and signed by the Chairman and Clerk and forwarded to ERYC.

  b. Newland Grange, Christmas Tree £90.00 – approved to pay online

  c. Clerk’s Salary – approved to pay online

  d. Bank reconciliation received by Cllrs. Bank balance as at 31.1.22 £6,905.97

22. Planning Matters

  a. Planning Consultation for 22/00037/STOUT Land East of The Knoll, Booth Ferry Road, Knedlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, DN14 7EQ – after discussion it was agreed to send comments.

  b. Planning Consultation for 22/00244/PLF South View, Main Street, Asselby, East Riding of Yorkshire, DN14 7HE – no objections

  c. Planning Consultation for 22/00254/PLF Chestnut Cottage, Main Street, Asselby, East Riding of Yorkshire, DN14 7HE – after discussion it was agreed to send comments

  d. Planning Consultation for 22/00078/PLF Asselby Lodge, Barmby Road, Asselby, East Riding Of Yorkshire, DN14 7HE – no objections 

23. Correspondance

  a. ERNLLCA – information was passed to Cllrs regarding the new ERNLLCA website

  b. Howden Joint Burial Committee – the sum of £584.00 has been requested and this was agreed by Cllrs.

24. Any Other Business.

  a. To receive the meeting schedule 2022

  b. It was felt that action should be taken regarding the recent spate of accidents at Knedlington crossroads – Clerk to correspond with ERYC


The meeting ended at 8.30 pm

Date of the next meeting : 12th April 2022


C Taylor