Minutes 07/10/2019


Minutes of Asselby Parish Council meeting held at Howden Town Council Offices on

Monday 7th October 2019 at 7.30pm

PRESENT:- Messrs. R. Pickersgill (Chair), J. Oates, R. Raywood and P. Burnley. Apologies from Mrs. S. Hunt.

Also present:-- Mr. J. Walsh, Ms. K. Leach and Mr. D and Mrs. J. Walsh. Mr. J. Walsh, Ms. K. Leach and Mr. D. & Mrs. J. Walsh introduced themselves to the members.

The new tenants of the Black Swan, Asselby will be Mr. J. Walsh and Ms. K. Leach supported by Mr. D. & Mrs. J. Walsh. They informed the members of the issue they have regarding the license for the Black Swan and requested the Parish Council send a letter to the Licensing Authority supporting their license application. They shared with the members their future plans regarding the re-opening of the Black Swan and how they wished to carry the business forward. Parish Council meetings could again be held at the pub and they agreed to serve tea/coffee after the Remembrance Day Service on 10th November 2019. They also confirmed the Christmas tree can be sited in the Car Park. Resolved: - Agreed by all members present that a letter of support will be sent.   Mr.J. Walsh, Ms. K. Leach and Mr.D. & Mrs. J. Walsh were thanked for their attendance with best wishes for the future at the Black Swan.   They left the meeting at 8.25pm.

1. The minutes of last meeting were taken as read and signed correct.

2. J. Oates declared an interest:- Item 6c Correspondence and will not be completing the online survey. Also, Item 7d – he took no part in the discussion.

3. Matters Arising.

a. Defibrillator – Checked 25/09/2019 – No further action.

b. ERYC (Highway Maintenance) Russell Gladstone – Maintenance work to be carried out on the footway between Asselby and Knedlington.

c. Dog Waste Bag Dispenser – Agreed by all present to go forward with the siting of one Dog Waste Bag Dispenser in Landing Lane, Asselby. Planning Department to be notified. d. ERYC Emergency Plan – to be carried on to next meeting when new tenants will be in the Black Swan.

e. Black Swan, Asselby – The new tenants had spoken to the members at the commencement of the meeting.

4. Accounts.

a. HSBC – Amendment to International Banking Online. Charge of £6.00 made for service not required.  (Cancelled) Bank Statement to 21/09/2019 Balance at Bank £7374.32.

b. SA Oates - Salary 01/07/2019 - 30/09/2019.  £550.00 paid by standing order.

c. ERNLLCA – Invoice for Good Councillor Guide Handbooks £17.60. Paid Online 06/08/2019.

d. Tesco – Inkjets. £44.50 Paid by Debit Card 06/09/2019.

e. Campbell & Stenton – Notification of Summary of Clerks Salary/Tax to HMRC.

5. Planning Matters.

a. ERYC – Proposed erection of four bedroomed detached dormer bungalow at Rose-Lea, Main Street Asselby for Mr. E. Allen. 19/02371/ - Comments Sent: Parish Council objected to this proposal as outside the building line and issues regarding parking of vehicles at Rose-Lea.

6. Correspondence.

a. ERYC – Notification of Definitive Map and Statement Modification Order 2017 - Howden Footpath No. 15.

b. ERYC – Members Allowance Survey.

c. ERYC – Review of Polling Districts and Polling Stations. Online survey for members.

d. ERYC – Register of Elector Updates.

e. ERNLLCA – National Association of Local Councils re Audit. - September Newsletter & Update – Information that there should be no less than three members for a quorum to hold a parish council meeting. - Notification that model Financial Regulations has been updated.

f. Humber & Wolds Rural Community Council – Community Led Housing – Opportunities.

g. ERYC – Local Plan Review Allocations Document.

h. Various other items for perusal – no further action.

7. Any Other Business.

a. Parish Council meetings – Mr. J. Walsh and Ms. K. Leach confirmed parish council meetings could return to the Black Swan. It was agreed by all present to arrange the next meeting for Tuesday 3rd December 2019 at 7.30pm. Clerk to confirm.

b. Remembrance Day Service – A request was received from Sgt. S. Wilkinson asking if he could take part in the Remembrance Day Service representing the Army. If this was acceptable could the parish council formerly request this in a letter to his Superior Officer. This had been agreed by the members and a letter had been forwarded as requested. Mr. J. Walsh and Ms. K. Leach had said they would open up the Black Swan to serve tea/coffee after the Service. Clerk to contact Mrs. M. Boldan and make arrangements to contact Richard Hardy, the Bugler for the Service. Agreed by all to send a notice to all residents informing them of this. Resolved: Donation of £80 to be made to Royal British Legion in respect of wreaths/crosses.

c. Christmas tree – Agreed by all present to purchase a tree for the Black Swan Car Park.

d. S. A. Oates – Telephone Costs. After discussion it was agreed to pay the Clerk £15.00 per annum to cover the cost of local landline calls. (Calls to mobile phones will be itemised and costs reimbursed as charged).

The Clerk will confirm 3rd December 2019 at 7.30pm when arranged

. The meeting closed at 9.45 pm