Minutes 07/08/2018


Minutes of Asselby Parish Council Meeting held at the Black Swan, Asselby on

Tuesday 7th August 2018 at 7.00pm

PRESENT:- Messrs. R. Pickersgill(Chair until 8.00pm) J. Oates ,N. Marwood, T. Fawcett (Chair from 8.00pm)

Also, Maureen Yates, (ERYC Community and Crime Reduction Resilience Officer) PC C. Adderley(replaced Sgt. Ravu), Tony Howe (Barmby on the Marsh Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator) and Sheryl Cookson.     Apologies from:- Messrs. R. Raywood and P. Burnley.

1. Apologies for absence*

2. Declaration of interest by a member on any of the following issues – None.

3. Neighbourhood Watch. Maureen Yates spoke to those present regarding the setting up of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the parish of Asselby. She informed them of the issues that would be covered and introduced Tony Howe who will be the coordinator for Barmby who hoped that Asselby and Barmby parishes could work together to help reduce crime in the two parishes. Sheryl Cookson had been contacted by Tony Howe with a view to being the coordinator for Asselby. Resolved by the members that residents would benefit from a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and Sheryl Cookson would be the coordinator. Maureen Yates then informed the members that she would arrange a Crime Prevention Event for both Barmby and Asselby residents to attend. PC. C. Adderley informed the members of a real time Alert Scheme – cards left in Black Swan for residents. The above left the meeting at 8.00pm.

*The Minutes of the Annual Open Meeting, the Annual General Meeting and the last meeting were signed as correct.

4. Matters Arising.

a. Defibrillator – Checked 17th July 2018. No further action. 19/07/2018 The Defibrillator was needed for an emergency in the Black Swan at approximately 9.00pm. (Replacement pads fitted and new pads ordered).

b. Christmas tree lights and Bench. Agreed by Black Swan that a tree can be erected in the car park. A. Walker had informed the Clerk the company which supplied the previous bench did not now accept cheques. Agreed by all present that a new bench would be bought locally.

c. LitterPick – A resident of the parish carried out a litterpick between Knedlington and Asselby and another resident in Asselby. Thanks to both residents.

d. Village Taskforce – Informed paving slabs at Boothferry will be repaired in due course.

e. Hedge junction of Landing Lane and Main Street – Noted this has been cut back.

f. ERYC (Planning & Development) – Information re: new Permission in Principle Process.

5. Accounts.

a. HSBC – Statements to 21/07/2018 - Balance at bank £7255.93.

b. Campbell & Stenton – Clerks Salary information to HMRC.

c. Wel Medical – Replacement Starter Kit and Electrode Pads for Defibrillator. £46.50 paid by cheque 24/07/2018.

d. Petty Cash – Cheque for £50.00 05/06/2018.

6. Planning Matters.

a. Erection of Dwelling and detached double garage following demolition of existing garage at land north of Street View, Asselby for D. Smith. 18/02119. Permission Granted.

b. Change of Use of land to extend domestic curtilage at Crinan House, Barmby Road, Asselby for D. Harling. 18/02119. No Comments to make from parish council.

c. Erection of first floor extension at Orchard Cottage, Knedlington for Mr. Russell. 18/01980. No comments to make from parish council.

d. Erection of two storey, single storey, porch extensions and external alterations following partial demolition of dwelling at Ashgrove Farm, Asselby for Mr. & Mrs. Deeley. 18/01148. Permission granted.

7. Correspondence.

a. Howden Joint Burial Committee – Information regarding meeting held 01/08/2018.

b. ERYC – Alterations to Register of Electors.

c. Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner.

d. Humber & Wolds Community Council - Community Led Affordable Housing Meeting.

e. National Association of Local Councils – Bye-Laws on Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

f. Various other items – No action.

8. Any Other Business.

a. Lighting Column No. 2 Knedlington – The Clerk had received a phone call from the resident of the property at No. 2 Lighting column Knedlington regarding the replacement of the wooden pole with a metal lamp post. The resident wished for the new lighting column to be replaced approximately 12 metres from the existing wooden pole. The Clerk had contacted the Street Lighting Section at ERYC and was informed this would cost the parish council £1200.00. Agreed by all present this was not acceptable and the new metal post would replace the wooden pole in the existing position. Enquiries to be made to ensure the removal of the wooden post and to ascertain ownership of the new metal lamp post.

b. ERYC – Flood Risk Strategy Survey.

c. A member brought to the attention of those present comments from a resident regarding the burning of rubbish and the smell endured when fires were left to smoulder. Agreed by all present that enquires should be made to ERYC Environmental Services.

The next meeting was arranged for Tuesday 2nd October 2018 at 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.