Minutes 05/01/2021 Online



Minutes of Asselby Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th January 2021

This meeting was held Online with Delegated Powers to the Clerk and Chairman.



MEMBERS TAKING PART:- R. Pickersgill, P. Burnley, S. Hunt, D. Mumby and M. Clarke. Also, S. Oates (Clerk)

1. There were no apologies for absence.

2. There were no declarations of an interest in any of the following items by a member.

3. Minutes of the last meeting had previously been read and agreed correct.


a. Defibrillator - New Battery and Electrode Pads inserted 02/12/2020 – All correct.

b. ERYC - Potholes. Noted Potholes in Landing Lane repaired.

c. Anvil Barn. Blacksmiths Lane. Asselby. No concerns from Highways regarding boundary.

d. Overgrown Hedge – approach to Knedlington Crossroads - No issue at present time due to die off.

e. Overhanging Trees – Landing Lane. Asselby - Trees cut back by property owner.

f. Knedlington Crossroads – ERYC Highways Management Team requested to relook at situation regarding traffic at the Crossroads. Informed by ERYC that concerns were passed to Paul A. Robinson ERYC Area Engineer. It has since been noted cables had been put across the road towards Goole. Also, noted STOP signs at the Crossroads both Howden and Knedlington sides with warning signs 200 yds further back. Further email sent 18th December 2020 asking if a survey was being carried out and informed ERYC Highways Team the issue is with the traffic passing the Crossroads on the Main Road and not the traffic from Asselby & Barmby. Also, mentioned the plans which have just been passed for another 175 new houses our side of north Howden which will again add to the volume of traffic. Awaiting a further reply.

g. Zurich/Beachcroft – Excess for insurance claim - £100 excess recovered from Beachcroft.

h. Royal Mail – Private Mail Box. Noted – mail box now marked as private. No further action required.

i. A. Walker – benches. Boothferry bench damaged and all benches need some maintenance work – P. Burnley offered to carry out maintenance work.

j. Remembrance Service - Wreaths/crosses placed on RoH by Chairman 7th November 2020 – Photos on ATalking.

k. Christmas Tree - A big thank you to T. Fawcett, J. Oates, J. Cutt and P. Burnley and Jake and Kirsty at the B.S. put on ATalking. Appreciative comments made by residents.



a. HSBC – Statements - Balance at bank 18/11/2020 £5683.75

b. ERYC – Precept paid into bank. Second instalment of precept paid 23/09/2020.  £2600.00.

c. Campbell & Stenton – Clerks salary HMRC requirements September/December.  £550.00.

d. D A C Beachcroft – Claim for Replacement of Structure £1050.00 Paid 02/10/20.

    Insurance Excess - £100.00 paid into bank 21/10/2020.

e. Wel-Medical – Electrode pads/Battery - Battery and Electrode pads £219.96 paid 02/10/2020 - debit card.

f. ERYC – Street Lighting Energy Agreement Service Level 1 - £701.57 paid 16/10/2020 – Debit Card.

g. Royal British Legion – Donation* - Cheque for £90.00 paid 21/10/2020.

h. Tesco – Inkjets/paper - £44.35 paid 05/11/2020 – debit card.

i. Easily Limited – Renewal of Domain registration for website - £20.00 paid 16/11/2020 – debit card.

j. S. A. Oates – Phone/Internet expenses - £40.00 paid 27/11/2020. (Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov) - online.

k. Newland Grange – Christmas Tree* - £150.00 paid 01/12/2020 - online.

l. Tesco – Christmas Gifts for Internal Audit/HMRC requirements* - £52.50 paid 08/12/2020 – debit card.

m. ERYC – Precept Required 21/22 - Members received a copy of the estimated expenditure 21/22. After much discussion it was agreed by all to precept ERYC the sum of £5350 – an increase of 5% for parish expenses 21/22. Form to be completed and signed by the Chairman and Clerk and forwarded to ERYC.

n. HJBC – Precept Required 21/22 - Meeting held 25/11/2020 attended by P. Burnley and M. Clarke – Precept request from HJBC is £581.00.

*All items paid under Section 137.   

Section 137:- Resolved that the council, in accordance, with its powers under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 , should incur the expenditure which in the opinion of the council is in the interests of the area and its inhabitants.



a. Installation of 14.5m wind turbine at The Knoll, Boothferry Road. Howden. 20/01381 - Notified as adjoining our parish even though not in our area - permission was granted.

b. Certificate of Lawfulness for Change of Use to garden at Old Fold Yard. Asselby. 20/02793 - Permission Granted.

c. Erection of ground floor, first floor and two storey extensions at land east of Chestnut Bungalow, Asselby for J. McFaul. 20/03093 - Permission refused.

d. Erection of two detached dwellings and a detached garage following demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings at Sheken, Asselby for Mr & Mrs. M. Perry. 20/01850 - Permission refused.



a. ERYC – Rough Sleeper Survey - Completed as requested – no rough sleepers 11/12th November 2020.

- Winter Grant Scheme. - Winter Maintenance.

- Register of Electors.

- Posters/cards – Covid - placed in Notice Board.

- Topic for Scrutiny. No quorum decision made from members.

- Holding meetings - Information previously sent out to members – After discussion by the members it was agreed by all to hold Zoom parish council meetings.

- Emergency Plan - Request for another contact in case of an Emergency in the parish – R. Pickersgill details Forwarded. Noted: the Emergency Plan should be updated as soon as possible.

- Local Plan. Sent out previously – no further action.

- Training. Sent out previously – no further action.

b. NALC/ERNLLCA – Public Consultation Standards in Public Life - Completed by Chairman.

 - Various Bulletins. - Newsletters. - Training Events. - District Committee and AGM.

c. Humberside Police – Newsletters/Rural Policing Priority Survey - Newsletters forwarded as received. (Rural Survey Completed 18/12/2020 – Marked – (1) Poaching/Hare Coursing, (2) Wildlife Crime - Killing of Birds of Prey/Badger Baiting/Fox Hunting and (3) Anti-Social use of motor cycles/quadbikes as the three priorities.

d. Neil Dillon – SafeSpeed.

e. Elan City – Radar/Speed Aids.



a. Road Sign at Knedlington Crossroads – Reported as blowing over on 31/10/2020 in windy conditions. Noted ERYC took sign down.  

b. A request was made by the Chairman to discuss the use of s137 to support parish organisations.

c. It was also agreed to look to Howden Town Council and Barmby Parish Council to request them to join with Asselby to raise the situation regarding Knedlington Crossroads with ERYC.


S. A. OATES                                    Agreed by all as true record of meeting 06/01/2021.                     Signed 23/03/2021 - R. Pickersgill.