Minutes 03/12/2019

Minutes of Asselby Parish Council meeting held at

the Black Swan, Asselby on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 at 7.30pm

PRESENT:- Messrs. R. Pickersgill (Chair). P. Burnley. J. Oates. Mrs. S. Hunt and Mrs S. A. Oates (Clerk). Apologies from R. Raywood.

1. The minutes of the last meeting were taken as read and signed correct.

2. J. Oates declared an interest in Item 7 c – Any Other Business.

3. Matters Arising

a. Defibrillator – Checked 29/11/2019 – No further action.

b. Dog Waste Bag Dispenser – Planning permission was not required to erect a Dog Waste Bag Dispenser in Landing Lane. However, it was agreed by all that to do this would prove quite expensive. Enquiries had been made to ERYC Dog Warden Services and it was further agreed by all present to make enquiries regarding Public Spaces Protection Order 2016 for information which could be discussed at the next meeting.

c. Remembrance Service – Agreed by all that the Service held on 10th November 2019 had gone very well with positive feedback from all who attended.

d. Christmas Tree – The Clerk made enquiries to various suppliers of Christmas Trees in the area and it was decided to purchase a tree from South Newlands Farm, Riccall.

e. Footway – Asselby/Knedlington – Noted that work was being carried out on the footway.

f. Black Swan – Letter of support for the new tenants of the Black Swan was sent to ERYC Licensing Team.

g. Emergency Plan – Agreed by all present to carry forward discussion of this to next meeting.


4. Accounts

a. Hawthorn hedge replacement – Agreed by all to replace parts of hedge on approach into Asselby. Thanks to R. Raywood and J. Oates for work carried out. £20.99 paid Petty Cash.

b. ERYC – Service Level Agreement 1 for Street Lighting – Paid by cheque 29/10/2019 £706.60. Notification of refund due to overcharge of £13.86 received 21/11/2019.

c. ERYC – Request regarding planning permission for the erection of a Dog Waste Bag Dispenser in Landing Lane. Paid by Debit Card/Phone 15/10/2019 £30.00

d. *Royal British Legion – Donation for wreaths/crosses Paid by cheque 01/11/2019 £80.00

e. S.A. Oates – Phone calls 27/03/2019 to 15/10/2019 paid by cheque 29/10/2019 £13.20

f. HSBC – Statements to 21/11/2019 Balance at bank £6007.72

g. HJBC – Notification of precept required 2020/21 £557.00

h. ERYC – Request for precept required 2020/21. Agreed by all present to request £5200.00 Form Signed by Chairman and Clerk at meeting.

i. HMRC – VAT claim made £272.76. Agreed by those present to add the following three items to the accounts agenda as they were dealt with after the Agenda for the meeting was sent out:-

j. Tesco – Inkjets/paper. Paid by debit card 26/11/2019 £47.45

k. *Festive Lights – It had been agreed by the members to purchase more lights to decorate the parish tree this year. Message sent out to all members requesting permission to make this purchase was agreed. Paid by Debit Card/Phone 28/11/2019 £185.91.

l. *South Newlands Farm – Christmas Tree delivered 02/12/2019 Paid by BACs £120.00 Thank you to all who attended on the day to erect and decorate the tree.

*SECTION 137 – Resolved that the council, in accordance, with its powers under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972, should incur the expenditure which in the opinion of the council is in the interests of the area and its inhabitants.


5. Planning Matters

a. Proposed erection of four bedroomed detached dormer bungalow (Amended Plans) at Rose Lea, Asselby for E. Allen 19/02371 – Permission refused.


6. Correspondence

a. ERYC – Code of Conduct Revision RESOLVED:- The parish council Adopt the Revised Code of Conduct.

b. ERNLLCA – Vote for representative for National Issues – No further Action.

c. ERYC – Rough Sleeper Estimate 2019 – Completed and Returned.

d. ERYC – Review of Allowances – Ongoing.

e. R. Pickersgill re Flood Warning Information. ERYC – updates received.

f. ERYC – Crime & Community Safety 6 Monthly Updates and Humberside Police Monthly Newsletter – Circulated to members. g. Various other items for perusal – no further action.


7. Any Other Business

a. Request made by Clerk to purchase a thank you ‘gift’ for Campbell and Stenton for tax notifications to HMRC and Mrs. C. Taylor for completing the internal audit. Agreed by all present.

b. Date of the next meeting – Set for 4th February 2020.

c. Clerk – Phone/BT. The Clerk informed those present that her Broadband/Landline Agreement with BT had altered. After discussion it was Resolved:- To pay the Clerk £10.00 per month to cover phone costs and assist with the payment of the Broadband connection. J. Oates had declared an interest in this item and took no part in the discussion.

d. It had been noted that the South Lane sign at the Black Swan was in a poor condition and the Clerk was requested to enquire about a replacement sign.

e. R. Pickersgill circulated copies of the Airmyn News a leaflet published by Airmyn Village Association with support of Airmyn Parish Council. It was agreed that members would carry this item to the next meeting for discussion with regard to making residents more aware of Parish Council Meeting Minutes.

Those present were thanked for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.15pm