Minutes 02/10/2018


Minutes of Asselby Parish Council meeting held at the Black Swan, Asselby on

Tuesday 2nd October 2018 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT:- Messrs. T. Fawcett, J. Oates, A. Walker, R. Pickersgill and P. Burnley. Also, CC C. Bayram. Apologies from R. Raywood.

1. The minutes of the last meeting were taken as read and signed correct.

2. There were no declarations of interest by a member on any of the following issues.

3. Matters Arising.

a. Defibrillator – Checked 15/09/2018. No further action required.

b. Neighbourhood Watch Event 22/09/2018 – Residents met with various services to discuss the new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and what could be provided. It was agreed to create a No Cold Calling Zone within the parish and the Clerk was requested to contact ERYC Trading Standards to set this in motion.

c. Street Lighting Column 2 Knedlington – Confirmation from ERYC the old wooden pole would be removed and the column will remain in the ownership of Asselby Parish Council.

d. Burning of Waste – Information regarding the burning of waste was copied from the ERYC website. (Printed copy given to resident).

4. Accounts.

a. HMRC – Claiming Vat Information.

b. Clerks Salary/Phone Costs – Salary £550.00 for three months to 30/09/2018 paid by standing order. Phone costs to 31/08/2018 £5.80 paid by cheque.

c. HSBC – Bank statements to 21/09/2018 balance at bank £7159.43.

d. Petty Cash – Neighbourhood Watch printing costs £13.98 paid from petty cash 02/09/2018 and cheque for £50.00 petty cash signed 14/09/2018.

5. Planning Matters.

a. Proposed erection of 2 detached dwellings and garages following demolition of existing bungalow and outbuildings at Sheken, Asselby for Mrs. Wise 18/02149. Comments made regarding sightlines and accesses. Decision - permission granted prior to meeting - after agenda went out.

b. Proposed internal and external alterations at Old Hall, Knedlington for Mr. P. Thomas 18/02559. Listed Buildings Consent. No observations from parish council.

c. Proposed Removal of Condition 2 on Planning Permission 16/03179VAR at Box Tree Farm, Asselby for Mr. R. Boldan 18/03020/VAR. No comments regarding removal of the clause.

d. Permission granted for proposed erection of first floor extension to rear at Orchard Cottage, Knedlngton for Mr. Russell 18/01980.

e. Permission granted for proposed Change of Use of land to extend domestic garden at Crinan House, Asselby for Mr. D. Harling 18/02119.

6. Correspondence.

a. ERYC – Festive Lighting on Public Land 2018/19 Season.

b. ERYC – Notice of Alteration to Register of Electors.

c. Royal Mail – Scam Poster for Notice Board.

d. ERYC – Information regarding contacts for Planning Enforcement. All other correspondence – no further action.

7. Any Other Business.

a. Remembrance Day Service/Roll of Honour – The Clerk informed those present she had received a phone call on Friday 28th September 2018 from the descendant of a person whose name on the Roll of Honour was misspelt. The Clerk contacted J. Rotherham to enquire what could be done to repair the mistake and informed the members present who discussed the situation at great length. Further enquiries will be made to ensure any repair work will be as seamless and undetectable as possible. Members will be informed, so discussion can take place and a decision made. The lady who made the enquiry to the Clerk was contacted and given an apology from the parish council and informed it will rectify the mistake. It was further agreed to hold a Remembrance Sunday Service at the Roll of Honour – to be arranged by the Clerk. Mr. A. Walker agreed to lay the wreath at the Howden Remembrance Sunday Service on behalf of the residents of Asselby Parish. The members also agreed to make a donation to the Royal British Legion as in previous years and it was proposed by T. Fawcett, seconded by A. Walker that a donation of £75.00 be made. Agreed by all present. The Black Swan will be requested to open for tea/coffee after the Service.

b. Fireworks – The members agreed to put out a message on the village information page ‘Asselby Talking’ reminding residents of the need to take care when setting off fireworks around 5th November 2018.

c. Gullies - It had been noted ERYC were in the process of cleaning gullies in the parish and had missed a gully in Landing Lane that was covered by an overgrown hedge. A member also emailed the Clerk saying that some gullies were overgrown and there had been some standing water. The Clerk contacted Jim McGivern – Parish Council Liaison Team Leader who forwarded the request to the Highways Department. Gully clearing was being carried over the next week and a letter will be sent to the owner of the property with the overgrown hedge requesting it to be cut back.

d. Christmas tree and Lighting – A. Walker informed the meeting that he is dealing with the purchase of new lighting and an offer of a Christmas tree has been made which T. Fawcett and J. Oates will check on.

e. Purchase of new bench for Asselby - agreed that T. Fawcett and J. Oates will look into the purchase a new bench.

The next meeting was arranged for Tuesday 4th December 2018

The meeting closed at 9.00pm