Meeting 30th November 2021


Minutes of Asselby Parish Council Meeting held at the Black Swan, Asselby

on Tuesday 30th November 2021 at 7.30pm.


PRESENT:- Messrs. R. Pickersgill (Chairman), M. Clarke, P. Burnley and Mrs. D. Mumby

Also, Mrs. C. Taylor (Clerk).

Apologies from Mrs. S. Hunt.


1. The minutes of the last meeting were signed as correct.

2. There were no declarations of interest made by a member on any of the following issues.

3. Matters Arising

  a. Defibrillator – New pads fitted 12.10.21, checked 27.11.21 – no further action required.

  b. HSBC/NatWest – The application to NatWest for a new bank account is in progress.

4. Accounts

  a. Defibrillator Pads - £43.20

  b. Street Lighting Charge - £693.91

  c. Christmas Tree - £150.00

  d. Donation to Royal British Legion - £90.00

5. Planning Matters

  a. Erection of stable and timber shed with associated access and creation of parking area – Land East of Back Lane Farm, Asselby 21/01961/PLF – PERMISSION GRANTED.

  b. Conversion of and associated external and internal alterations to existing farm buildings to form a dwelling and removal of 3 portal framed steel buildings – Land and       Buildings South of Field House Farm, Asselby – 21/01755/PLF – PERMISSION GRANTED.

  c. Erection of a dwelling and detached double garage – Land North of Street View, Asselby – 21/03732/PLF – PERMISSION GRANTED

6. Correspondence

  a. Newbald Parish Council – ERYC and Town and Parish Councils – agreed to decide on course of action after review of letter to ERYC when received.

  b. ERNLLCA – as detailed on agenda – no further action

  c. Humberside Police – September Update – no further action

  d. ERYC

    - Village Taskforce Survey – to be reviewed at the next meeting

    - Electoral Register – no action

    - Rough Sleepers Survey – completed and returned 17.11.21

    - Private Fostering Poster – displayed in noticeboard

    - Overview and Scrutiny Committee – to be reviewed at the next meeting

  e. Emails

    - Parking – reminder to be posted on Asselby Parish Council Facebook page and advice from relevant authority sought.

    - Flooding

  f. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons – to be discussed at next meeting

  g. NHS Newsletter – no further action

7. Any Other Business

  a. Roadworks Knedlington/Asselby - letter sent on behalf of APC to D. Berry, ERYC, expressing concern following RTC in Knedlington

  b. Future meetings – location to be arranged before next meeting

The meeting was declared closed at 8.40pm.

Date of next meeting to be arranged.