Meeting 26th April 2022

Asselby Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at The Black Swan, Asselby on Tuesday 26th April 2022 (adjourned from 12th April 2022) at 7.30 pm

Present : Cllrs R. Pickersgill (Chair), S. Hunt, M. Clark, P. Burnley also C.Taylor (Clerk).


25. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting

  The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

26. Election of Officers

  Election of Officers remains as at present due to uncertainty caused by the appointment of a new Clerk. Agreed by all present.

  Chairman: R Pickersgill. Vice-Chairman: P Burnley.

  Cllr. S Hunt informed those present of her intention to resign from the Parish Council.

  The Clerk informed the members that she has been contacted by Amanda Macchi expressing an interest in joining the PC. She will attend the next meeting.

27. Standing Orders

  Agreed by all present to retain Standing Orders for conducting meetings.


28. Apologies for Absence

  Cllr D. Mumby.

29. To confirm minutes of the held on 8th February 2022

  The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

30. To receive declarations of interest

  None received.

31. Ongoing Issues

  a. Defibrillator - Checked and updated on The Circuit. (National Defibrillator Network) on 9.4.22.

  b. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – The ERYC Jubilee Grant application for £500 for the purchase of fruit trees to be distributed to residents of the Parish has been successful. The Clerk to prepare a flyer to be posted to each household in the Parish to inform them of the offer and how to obtain their tree.

  c. Role of Clerk – various options to be investigated.

32. Financial Matters

  a. Clerk’s Salary - approved

  b. ERNLLCA membership - approved

  c. Bank reconciliation received by Cllrs. Bank balance as at 31.3.22 £6,587.92

33. Planning Matters

  a. The PC to write to the Standards Committee at ERYC to express concerns regarding a recent Planning Committee meeting.


  a. ERNLLCA – information was passed to Cllrs prior to the meeting

  b. NHS – information passed to Cllrs prior to the meeting

  c. Clerks and Councils Booklet – passed to Cllrs at the meeting

  d. Humberside Police Newsletter – passed to Cllrs prior to the meeting. It was noted that there had been a burglary in Knedlington where a bicycle was taken from a garage.

35. Any Other Business.

  a. P Burnley brought to the attention of the members that there is a log of incidents and near missed at Knedlington Crossroads and is to contact the Highways Department to request a sign to be placed at the crossroads with details of how to log incidents. A link to the incident log will also be placed on the Parish Council website.

  b. The Community Association have some funds available following the sale of the marquee and would like to investigate purchasing some flashing speed limit signs for the Parish. P Burnley to investigate further.

The meeting ended at 9.10 pm

Date of the next meeting : 14th June 2022, Black Swan, Asselby

C Taylor