Meeting 06/07/2021


Minutes of Asselby Parish Council meeting held

at the Black Swan, Asselby on Tuesday 6th July 2021 at 7.30pm


PRESENT:- R. Pickersgill (Chair), P Burnley, D. Mumby, S. Hunt, also S. A. Oates (Clerk). Apologies from M. Clarke.


1. The minutes of the last meetings had been agreed and were signed by the Chairman.


2. P. Burnley, S. Hunt and S.A. Oates declared an interest in 7. Any Other Business/item b.



a. Defibrillator – Checks done. Registered for new system and replaced Instruction Door Sticker. (Agreed by members to replace). Checks had also been made with

Wel Medical regarding the life of the battery warranty expires. (There is no need to replace it if it has been used – only if it is showing low after warranty expires).

b. Dog Fouling – Laura Stride (ERYC – Dog Warden) confirmed the dog fouling signs we hold have the current legislation. Also, agreed that P. Burnley and S. Hunt

will repaint stencils.

c. Flooding issues and Signage – Screetons/Agents for Knedlington Estate - had been requested to ask Estate tenants to deal with flooding issues on land approaching

Asselby on the left hand side and also land to the rear of Rocklea Bungalow, small paddock junction of Main Street and Landing Lane and Kirkgate House in Landing Lane.

After much discussion it was agreed that there are still ongoing issues and further requests should be made to take action regarding this problem. Also noted that the

request to clear overgrown hedge/shrubs from the Cycle Sign had been done. Requests had also been made to ERYC to take action regarding flooding in Back Lane,

Asselby where there are problems with three blocked gullies which cause the lane to flood. (These issues were also discussed at the Village Taskforce Walkabout

on the 19th May 2021 and passed to ERYC officers for action). (Item e).

d. Trans Pennine Cycle Trail – ERYC have stated that the situation at the Crossroads is under constant review and officers visit the site on a regular basis.

e. Village Taskforce Walkabout – P. Burnley and R. Pickersgill 19th May 2021 met with J. McGivern (ERYC Parish Liaison Team Leader) – Issues regarding flooding in

the Back Lane, Kerbing in Blacksmiths Lane and Main Street and overgrown hedges/traffic signs passed to ERYC Officers.

The parish council received a copy of a letter sent to ERYC from a resident of Back Lane who is requesting action be taken regarding the flooding issue which is

causing problems for residents in the area.

Mention was also made on the Walkabout regarding the siting of a waste bin in Landing Lane to help with issues regarding dog fouling

– further enquiries to be made to ERYC. (Agreed by all present to request a timescale of when these issues will be addressed).



a. Annual Audit 20/21 – Certificate of Exemption sent and confirmed by Auditors. Account information posted on website.

b. HSBC – Bank Statements to 21st June 2021 – Balance at Bank £5672.22.

c. Zurich Insurance – Payment receipt for £308.64.

d. Wel Medical – 2 Replacement DefibSafe Door Stickers - £18.16 Paid Online 11/06/2021.

e. Tesco – Inkjets/Printing Paper – £18.35 paid by Visa 11/6/2021.

f. Campbell & Stenton – Notification of Clerks Salary/Tax - £550.00 paid by Standing Order 30/06/2021.



a. Planning Inspectorate – Decision re Appeal for planning application 20/01850/PLF at Sheken, Main Street, Asselby - Appeal dismissed.

b. Change of Use of an agricultural building into a single dwelling (retrospective following minor changes to approved scheme 19/03052/AGRNOT) – buildings

west of Back Lane Farm, Asselby 21/01366/PLF – No Observations. Permission Granted.

c. Increase in roof height of main dwelling to form a dual-pitched roof to create additional living accommodation, erection of a single storey extension to rear and

storm porch to front at Rose Cottage, Asselby – 21/00307/PLF – Permission Granted.

d. Erection of a two storey and single storey extension to the rear and single storey extension to the side following removal of existing single storey projection at

4 Main Street, Asselby – 21/00359/PLF – Permission Granted.

e. Erection of stable and timber shed with associated access and change of use of land domestic – Land East of Back Lane Farm, Asselby – 21/01961/PLF – No Comments.



a. Howden Joint Burial Committee – Cancellation of meeting.

b. East Riding and North Lincolnshire Local Council Association - Various items - No further action.

c. East Riding of Yorkshire Council

- Draft Local Plan – Howden Consultation Event 05/07/2021.

- Register of Electors – Form signed and request for monthly updates.

- Various items – No further action.

d. NHS – Newsletter/Update.

e. Humberside Police

- Various items – No further Action.

f. Clerks & Councils Direct Booklet.



a. ERYC – Notified of tree overhanging road sign at Knedlington.

b. Asselby Parish Community Association/Parish Container – Issue regarding the removal of the container from the Black Swan.

Resolved:- The Parish Council are willing to support the Community Association Committee’s decision about action it needs to take regarding the Container/Marquee/Equipment/Furniture. (See Item 2/Declaration of Interest).

c. Booth – It had been noted that the bench at Booth was in a state of poor repair. Agreed by all to remove the bench and enquire with Booth residents about replacement

of the bench.

d. Thanks were expressed by all members to P. Burnley for the planting work he had undertaken at the foot of the Roll of Honour and also the resealing of the Perspex cover on the front of the Village Notice Board.


The next meeting will be arranged at a later date.


The members were thanked for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.15pm.


Minutes agreed as a true record of the meeting prior to posting on website - signed by R. Pickersgill 01/09/2021