January 2024

Asselby Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday 4th January 2024 at 7.00 pm

Present: Cllrs R. Pickersgill (Chair), D. Walker, T. Smith, M. Clarke and P. Adams (Clerk).


1. Apologies for Absence A. Macchi

2. To confirm minutes of the held on 9th November 2023. The minutes were signed by the Chairman.


Special Item Discussion was held with G. Franklin who has kindly offered to step in as a councillor. PA to contact electoral services to arrange co-option


3. Matters Arising a. Precept affirmation was discussed in depth and voted on as submitted (£6633.83). Proposed MC, seconded TS in favour RP and abstained DW.

b. Bench seat for Booth. TS to investigate installation and maintenance issues.

c. Parking issues blocking footpaths. Advice is to contact ERYC. DW to check if there is a footpath policy

d. Riverbank blockage discussed as raised by AM. This appears to be outside the parish and contact for TPW was forwarded to AM by DW.


4. Accounts a. HSBC – current financial statement discussed with a balance of £5621.76


5. Planning matters a. Pear Tree Farm – rear extension. No objections b. Main Street Asselby- Grimmer- No objections


6. Any Other Business NA


The meeting ended at 8-10 pm    Date of the next meeting: 7th March 2024 (7-00pm) at Black Swan, Asselby