Agenda - Online 18/05/2020

Asselby Parish Council

Clerk:- Mrs. S. A. Oates. East End Farm. Asselby. Goole. East Riding of Yorkshire DN14 7HB

Tel:- 01757 638396                Email:-

11th May 2020

Dear Councillor,

The next parish council meeting will be held on Monday 18th May with your comments and observations made on line by email. Please copy each other in so you

are all aware of the overall decision to be made.


1. Agreement to the minutes of the last meeting held online 01/04/2020.

2. Declaration of an interest by a member on any of the following issues.


a. Defibrillator – Check Yorkshire Ambulance Service (NHS) via link.

b. ERYC – Village Taskforce Walkabout – Cancelled.

c. Coronavirus Pandemic – Information received from ERNLLCA advised delegated authority be given to Chairman and Clerk to enable then to make

decisions on parish council business. This statement was sent to the members and agreed by all. (07/04/2020).

d. Standing Orders – As forwarded previously.

e. Parish Website – Information regarding Coronavirus Pandemic and help available in the parish.


a. PKF Littlejohn – Information regarding 19/20 Audit.

b. Accounts April 2019 to March 2020 – Year End Balance at 31/03/2020 - £3864.78.

(i) Certificate of Exemption signed 18/05/2020 – online meeting.

(ii) Annual Governance Statement signed 18/05/2020 – online meeting.

(iii) Accounting Statement signed 18/05/2020 – online meeting.

Internal Audit completed and signed by Mrs. C. Taylor 16/04/2020.

c. Zurich Insurance – Renewal Paid online 21/04/2020 - £306/59.

d. Howden Town Council – Precept paid to HJBC online £157.00 on 21/04/2020. £400.00 paid 22/04/2020. (Total Precept £557.00).

e. ERNLLCA – Membership Fees paid online £287.24 on 23/04/2020.

f. HSBC – Bank statement to 21/04/2020 – Balance at bank £3401.19.

g. ERYC – Parish Precept first instalment of £2600.00 paid into account 29/04/2020.

h. Wreath for VE Day – Paid to L. Dibnah Online. Wreath - £20.00. Also, £5.00 for Printing Paper – Total £25.00. (Section 137).


a. Outline for the erection of a detached dwelling (all matters reserved) land east of Ivy House Cottage, Asselby for J. Rowlands. 20/00075 – Permission Granted.

b. Variation of Condition 10 (approved plans) of planning 18/03020/VAR for the erection of a dwelling at Box Tree Farm, Asselby for Blakely Homes Ltd. 20/000148/VAR – Permission Granted.

c. Proposed alterations to south (front) boundary to infill existing pedestrian gateway with feature wall and to create a pedestrian gateway to the south-east corner of the boundary wall, creation of pedestrian gateway in garden north boundary wall, reinstatement of gate pier and repair of existing gate pier at fold yard entrance and external alterations to fold yard shelter including replacement roof at Knedlington Old Hall for Mr. P. Thomas. Listed Building Consent: 20/01166 Full Planning Permission: 20/01165. No comments or observations.

d. Erection of two storey extension to side and rear following demolition of existing single storey extensions and chimney, installation of new double glazed sash windows and application of render to the whole dwelling, Kielder Cottage, Knedlington for D. Teesdale. 20/00476. Permission Granted.


a. ERYC – Provision of Services during Coronavirus Pandemic - Cllr. M. Stathers.

b. ERYC – Holding Meetings/Restrictions on Movements/Closure of Burial Grounds during Coronavirus Pandemic – Matthew Buckley. Head of Legal and Democratic Services.

c. ERYC – Electoral Restrictions and Casual Vacancies – Simon Clark. Electoral Services.

d. ERNLLCA – Funerals /Burials/Cremations/Holding Meetings/19-20 Audit/Access to Service/ Newsletter.

e. ERYC – Tree Planting Fund.

f. NALC – Coronavirus – Information for Parish and Town Councils. (Link posted on parish website for residents to acquire up dated information). Also, information regarding holding Remote meetings.

g. Clerks & Councils Direct Newsletter.

h. ERYC/Library Service – Request for Information regarding Celebration of VE day in parish.

i. ERYC – Notification of new Public Rights of Way Officer for area.


a. Reporting issues with Dogs.

b. Email Scam.