Agenda 29/09/2021




Clerk:- Mrs. S.A. Oates. East End Farm. Asselby. Goole.

East Riding of Yorkshire. DN14 7HB

Tel:- 01757 638396 Email:-


23rd September 2021

Dear Councillor,

You are requested to attend the next parish council meeting which has been arranged for Wednesday 29th September 2021 at 7.30pm at the Black Swan, Asselby.



1. Apologies for absence and signing of minutes of the last meeting.

2. Declaration by a member of an interest in any of the following issues.


3. Matters Arising

a. Introduction of new Clerk – Interview/Contract of Employment/Job Description.

b. Defibrillator check.

c. ERYC – Green Paint for bench.

d. ERYC – Street Name.

e. Container.

f. HSBC/NatWest.


4. Accounts

a.  HMRC – Vat Claim.

b. S.A. Oates – Phone/Internet Expenses to 30/09/21

c. Container.


5. Planning Matters

a. Certificate of Lawfulness for change of use of agricultural unit and land to builders yard for storage of tools, machinery and spoil – Land North of

The Gables, Asselby 20/02797/CLE


6. Correspondence

a. Newbald Parish Council – ERYC and Town and Parish Councils

b. Traffic Calming Request

c. ERNLLCA – Allotment Training

                       - NALC Committee Elections

d. Humberside Police – September Update

e. ERYC – Charter Consultation

                - Festive Lighting

f. NHS Newsletter

g. Zurich – Change of Account Manager

h. C. Upsall – VAT Guide.

i. The Junction - Goole


7. Any Other Business

a. Remembrance Service at Roll of Honour/Wreaths/Crosses.

b. Declarations of Acceptance of Office/Contact numbers.