Agenda 05/01/2021 Online


Asselby Parish Council

Clerk:- Mrs. S.A. Oates. East End Farm. Asselby. Goole.

East Riding of Yorkshire. DN14 7HB

Tel:- 01757 638396 Email:-


AGENDA for meeting to be held Online 5th January 2021 – Chairman and Clerk have delegated powers.

1. Apologies for absence.

2. Declaration by a member of an interest in any of the following items.

3. Minutes of the last meeting.



a. Defibrillator.

b. ERYC - Potholes.

c. Anvil Barn. Blacksmiths Lane. Asselby.

d. Overgrown Hedge – approach to Knedlington Crossroads.

e. Overhanging Trees – Landing Lane. Asselby.

f. Knedlington Crossroads.

g. Zurich/Beachcroft – Excess for insurance claim.

h. Royal Mail – Private Mail Box.

i. A. Walker – benches.

j. Remembrance Service.

k. Christmas Tree.



a. HSBC – Statements.

b. ERYC – Precept paid into bank.

c. Campbell & Stenton – Clerks salary HMRC requirements September/December

d. D A C Beachcroft – Insurance Excess.

e. Wel-Medical – Electrode pads/Battery.

f. ERYC – Street Lighting Energy Agreement.

g. Royal British Legion – Donation*

h. Tesco – Inkjets/paper.

i. Easily Limited – Renewal of Domain registration for website.

j. S. A. Oates – Phone/Internet expenses.

k. Newland Grange – Christmas Tree*

l. Tesco – Christmas Gifts for Internal Audit/HMRC requirements*

m. ERYC – Precept Required 21/22

n. HJBC – Precept Required 21/22

*All items paid under Section 137.



a. Installation of 14.5m wind turbine at The Knoll, Boothferry Road. Howden. 20/01381.

b. Certificate of Lawfulness for Change of Use to garden at Old Fold Yard. Asselby. 20/02793.

c. Erection of ground floor, first floor and two storey extensions at land east of Chestnut Bungalow, Asselby for J. McFaul. 20/03093.

d. Erection of two detached dwellings and a detached garage following demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings at Sheken, Asselby for Mr & Mrs. M. Perry. 20/01850.



a. ERYC – Rough Sleeper Survey.

- Winter Grant Scheme

 - Winter Maintenance.

- Register of Electors.

- Posters/cards – Covid.

- Topic for Scrutiny.

- Holding meetings.

- Emergency Plan.

- Local Plan.

- Training.

b. NALC/ERNLLCA – Public Consultation Standards in Public Life (Chairman).

- Various Bulletins.

- Newsletters.

- Training Events.

- District Committee and AGM.

c. Humberside Police – Newsletters/Rural Policing Priority Survey.

d. Neil Dillon – SafeSpeed.

e. Elan City – Radar/Speed Aids.



a. Road Sign at Knedlington Crossroads – Reported as blowing over on 31/10/2020.


S. A. OATES   -  21/12/2020